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 EMail Spanishflyer@vmaxxers.net
 Location ES-33584 Oviedo
 Phone +34 639 655 778
 URL http://imageevent.com/wforest
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 My VMAX Year TYP Number
2000 2EN .
Single billet Aluminium rear swinging arm from Fischer Germany, Front USD forks and mudguard from TUNING Formula, 17 wheels originally from a GSX-R Suzuki and Pirelli radials, now Lightcon ultra light wheels and Dragons from BRM in Germany. Solid mounts for the engine. On the braking side of this machine, the front brakes are from an R1 and the rear a four pot Billet unit. Front brake and clutch master cylinders from an XJS-1300. Tail section from BRM in Germany. Small fairing from Yamaha Bulldog 1.100. Engine spoiler ?Bullet? from Exactrep. SPA Rev-counter Speedo with gear change warning lights. Over-Racing alloy rear sets. Add to this the PCW 1500 Long Rod engine, where all but the engine casings have been modified, Carrillo Long rods, 1500 kit with modified JPS pistons, Stage 7 cams, bigger valves, GPZ valve buckets (under-bucket shim), reinforced camchains, PCW clutch, bigger oil pump, Keihin 41 mm Flat-slide carbs, Magnafluxed crank, producing in excess of 195 RWHP, over 125lbs/inch torque and some cosmetics and you have the most enjoyable bike, with handling to match and power coming right from the bottom of the rev. range.
 Style Technic-Freak
Help: W=Werkstatt/Hilfe (Workplace/Tools), G=Garage/Unterstellmöglkt. (Garage), S=Schlafplatz (Bed/Room)

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